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Great News! New Express Boxes Installed, Hiram Up Again

PCDL is pleased to announce that the installation of the new Library Express locker box units in Brimfield and Randolph is now complete. For service users, the new locker box units work in the same manner as our older units.

To retrieve library materials from one of these locations, you will still enter the last seven digits of your valid Portage County library card and then press ENTER (<ENT>). Your assigned locker box will pop open- just as it always has!

In addition to the upgrades at the Brimfield and Randolph locations, the Hiram location is back up and running as well. It is the same locker box unit- repaired with parts from one of the removed units- and still operates in the same manner as before. Also, the book return has been unlocked so library materials can once again be returned to PCDL via this book return.

Interested in learning more about PCDL's Library Express remote delivery program? Visit Outreach Services for more information.